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        RedHead Barbie aka "Barbz of your Dreamz" is a sexy petite Cuban Black American Mixed Breed, born October 20th from New Jersey, currently residing in Miami. Barbz is a versatile individual who can play her part on the scene or in the sheets. RedHead Barbie is known to adapt to any situation, and is squirting her way to the top in this Adult XXX Industry.       


She's bringing her "Bed Side Manners" to the screen for all to see a side nobody has  seen unless you know first-hand behind closed doors. This petite Freak will keep you on your toes wanting more. She has so much to offer that's not posted yet. If you think you know her trust you have no idea. Barbz has a request button if it's anything you want to see, make it known. She'll get it done. "Safe Sex is the Freakiest Sex" her motto. She's bringing the Toys, Beads, Dildos, Fetishes, BJs, Gang Bangs and Ladies and yes if you didn't know... Barbz loves dominating on you ladies. You have no idea, straps will be used who's to say on who, all I can say is to stay up-to-date by signing up  and you will be notified when something new happens on



Measurement : 32-24-38
Shoes : 5
Dress : 1
Top : S
Bottoms : S or size 3
Height : 5 ft
Weight : 115 lb
Piercings : 2 pair Ear, Nose, Tongue, Snake Eyes, Left Tit & Belly
Tattoos : Above left thumb, lower back, right wrist
Pussy : Wet and Tight



Smoke: No
Drink: Occasional
Turn on: A mans Cologne 
Turn off: Poor hygiene and Bad TEETH
Favorite Restaurant: TGIF
Fun Fact: I love using my shower head
Favorite Position: Being chocked
Motto: "Safe Sex is the Freakiest Sex"
Ultimate Goal: "Dominate All My All Avenues"

Slight  In-site

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