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Erotic Stories

“Sexting with Him”


     " You need to be here laid up kissing and long deep stroking your pussy from the back. The thought of you sends tingles through my spin when I'm laid up alone. Makes me arch my back and throw this pussy on ya while you hold me tight and close, your chocking me with one and the other is holding this ass down whispering in my ear to "Stop running."Hearts beating fast the intense of your dick growing inside with every stroke this pussy just get tighter and tighter and grips  down to keep you in longer. Not caring  its going to make you cum fast. I just love the way  how hard you hold back but can't stop trying to get deeper and deer and get all the strokes. When he can't take no more you throw that dick on these lips mouth wide tounge out to catch all that sweet nut. Then its lights out. "


“Sensual Blow Job for The Non-Road Heads”


I was driving home today from some errands and noticed this car bobbing and weaving with in its lane. I tried to over pass it and he almost ran me off the road. Long story short he was getting head from his companion. I’m sorry, but if you chose getting your rocks off in traffic, over your life more power to you, But for those who know their companion and isn’t all that safe on the road please lets stick to the bed room.


Want to give a Successful Blow Job you have to get into his head first….


First, get your mind straight. Just because it’s called a “blow job” doesn’t mean you should view it as a job. He can see it on your face if you don’t enjoy sucking on his “friend” – and that’s NOT the attitude you want to convey. You have to love his dick. It’s all about preparation. Make every blowjob one of a kind, unique, memorable. How do you prepare? Candles, good lights, music, some wine, fix up the atmosphere, spice it up. Look good. Make it special. Throw him in the couch. Seductively, naughtily, with a sexy smile on your face. Look at him with fascination. You slowly get on your knees in front of him, unzip and take his pants off. Make a happy, surprised look – as if you just saw your favorite ice cream, and you are starving to death. Men are visual. Pull your hair back, so that he can see you completely and enjoy the view. Massage his legs seductively, get closer to his cock. Before it grows large, put the entire thing in your warm, wet mouth – moan with pleasure. Slowly suck on his dick as it grows large in your dripping wet mouth .A few “oohs” and “mmms” are essential. There’s nothing better than the magic words when giving a blow job. No BJ is perfect without the right words entering his ear. Compliment him, tell him how much you love His dick in your mouth, personalize it and say it’s yours. Use your hands. Combine fast and slow strokes. Be his porn star, not a nun. When you get tired, rest your mouth, stroke him. Be his “slut”, be dirty, sexual – free. Do whatever you want to do. He won’t think you’re a slut if you swallow, – he’ll love you for it. So get dirty and slut it up. Speed it up as you come to the finish. Involve his balls in the game. A perfect blowjob isn’t just with your mouth. Use your whole body. Let him see your sexy ass, thongs, and necklace. The way to turn him on is by being turned on by yourself. You have to feel sexy in your body. It’s all about positioning. Tickle his balls, lick them and suck on them gently. Use your sexy nails to drive him wild. Hold his shaft, lick it up and down sexily while looking him deep in the eyes. Now you start pumping his **** faster. Fast, and short strokes. Pump, pump and pump some more. Moan louder, suck harder, stroke faster. And then – he starts shooting, and screaming, and popping his eyes out of his brain. Pull his dick out and pump it out gently. Open your mouth, show him what he gave you. Giggle. Then swallow all of it. Smile happily, give his cock a few more kisses and sucks – clean it up. ;)

"Ask Barbz “Help reaching Climax in Shower”


Here is a question I found very interesting from a young lady who need some guidance. Her name will not be posted for confidentiality purposes, but her story along with my help exclude the photos. If you too seem to have an issue climaxing please continue reading on.

“Hello RedHead Barbie, My names ---, I really admire you, and was wondering if you, you can give me some advice. I’m -- years old and have been masturbating for many years now. Please don't judge me! Anyways, I am having trouble reaching a climax/orgasm. I use my massage setting on my showerhead to stimulate my area, and I love it, but I cannot climax. I get the tingly feeling and it goes up, up, up, and as soon as I think I'll explode if it goes any higher, it dies. I try not to think about orgasm-ing because I hear it makes you not be able to orgasm but I still can't. I try to moan a little because I hear it helps but I can't be too loud because I don't want my parents to hear. Anyways, and tips or suggestions or steps? Me Time is my favorite part of the day and it's almost time! Please help me!


P.S. I AM A VIRGIN, so don't worry about that. I don't plan on breaking it anytime, yeah.... Thanks and please help, Barbz!”

I’m so glad that you are practicing Safe Sex (No Sex is the Safes Sex) and I’m not judging you. You sound like a smart young lady that knows “dicks” bring problems, Lol. Here are a few of my own tricks, I’ve come to get me at my sexual peek.


A) Here is the Removable Shower Head

 I see you mentioned you use the massage setting, but my shower head has a massage setting but there's a soft massage and then a rougher massage. I start with the slow and soft and when I want to orgasm I turn it to the rougher massage setting. It's much faster and harder and it feels so good. I usually close my eyes and imagine the water as my Eye Candy at the time fingers and it's like he/ she’s rubbing me really hard. That makes it better! You really have to find the spot that feels the best for you! If I aim at a certain angle, I can get it right on my clit and it sort of hurts at first but it makes me orgasm so much faster. If you like having the rise of the climax to tease yourself, you can get almost there and then stop and then do it again and again until you actually let yourself orgasm and it'll make it way much stronger!! I also stand with my legs apart and I bend my knees. For me, resting against the shower wall or sitting down doesn't make it more enjoyable or comfortable. When I finally orgasm, my knees give out and my whole body shakes, it's amazing! And again resort to my Pandora, so I can moan and nobody will hear.




B) This is using the Faucet in the shower

Take a rolled up towel and place it at the bottom of your back (so u don't slide as much) and lay down on your back. This will also slightly elevate u. Then bend your knees and spread them apart with your knees going in opposite directions. Put your arms out in front of you in between your knees. Put your feet together above your arms so that it is as though your arms are in a ring, the ring being your legs. Make "chicken wings" and pull your legs farther apart with your upper arms. It's ok if your feet are no longer touching, in fact it is probably best if they don't. Now you have exposure on your vagina area with water hitting that as well as easy access to your "area". Next take your non dominant hand (the one you don't write with) and pull back the little skin protecting your clitoris. Take your dominant hand (the hand you wrote with) and lightly brush your clit. It may tickle or hurt a bit. Do it again, with pauses in between each flick. Eventually it will start to tingle the slightest bit which means you are ready to have some fun! If not, try going in a different direction. So once it tingles and/or makes you feel like you are about to pee, try using your whole hand and brush lightly, on the tip if your clitoris, a little faster now. It should be a back and forth or circular motion. Eventually you will get so aroused by the tingly feel that you will automatically start going faster and harder. Let your body take over from there! I usually use the on-off which is when you stop right before or hams and do it again. It is also known as teasing and can lead to bigger, better orgasms!


Or (my Favorite)


C) I love Toys especially Vibrators, You’ll need a vibrator that’s ok to get wet for this.

Sit however you would sit when you’re about to ''let off steam'' and grab the shower head, put the shower head on jet-stream and point it at your clit. Grab your vibrator and turn it on, with the massager put it on your clit and start to rotate your pelvis slowly and relax. Sooner or later you will begin to get a “Tingle" you want to feel. Also, Put music on if you’re doing this with people in the house (I love Pandora), but if your alone go crazy with moaning to the top of your lungs.


Wow, when I read back what I just wrote its making me really turned on and now I'm going to go do this. I really hope my advice helped --- you Hun. Stay in touch and let me know how this works.


“My 1st Head Game gone Pro”


If it’s anything that I’m not ashamed to speak on is “Giving Head.” I’ve come to be a pro you can say. Trust I will take a dick in my mouth over fucking any day. I remember my 1st time, I gave head and it was my hood boyfriend. Yea he got around and I wanted a bad boy and he was it. Talk about Freak he brought it out of me. I remember like it was yesterday. He knocked on my window for me to come out around 11PM was our time to come out and be naughty. I meet him outside. Not really in the mood because my time of the month was on, but I enjoyed seeing him. So we walked to my neighbor’s house and sat on his 16 wheeler stars. As he held me tight to keep me warm as the weather was dropped around 54 degrees. He kissed me all over  my neck soft kisses and then started sucking on my neck as he knew I loved his marks, (at the time I loved seeing and feeling the). He started to whisper in my ear “You can do something else!” Being the person I was and the guy he was I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t bout it, because he was way more experienced than I was and I wanted to keep him around. So till this day I don’t know how I managed to put my worries and scariness to the side and zipped his pants down and took charge he gripped at my shoulders and tried to grab my head and I just pushed his hands to the side. (Till this day I can’t handle men hands on my head it fucks up my rhythm). He was calling my name and other words at that moment. He bust in my mouth and all I remember was him bending me over and fucking the hell out of me (Thank God it was already going off but being horny slowed it down) and he and I busted up nuts that night. At that point I knew I had him. When all was said and done he was like naw you had to have done it before, but he knew he was the 1st.


From that point on it was a done deal, I started perfecting my craft. I got it down to a science lol. I can be clean and discrete and or get downright nasty, Spitting, Gaging whatever it is you want I can make it happen. I don’t even have to second guess a man coming back. I’m on the run with SuperHead but imam going with the whole package “Barbz of your Dreamz” xoxo




I’m always told how cute and I look like a little girl. People will think nothing my sexual side. What a sex-alcoholic I really am with the right one. I love sex it’s everything to me especially if you’re talking about a relationship. Sex plays a big part, that sex has to be A on point. I love the way a person worships my ass from the back that’s such a turn on. I won’t lie I’m a runner at times and I can never wonder why and I figured it out!! FOR PLAY is a must for some heavy dicking down, or you will be looking forward to some major cramps! So word of advice if you don’t want to actually feel that dick in your guts in pain ladies “FOREPLAY” is the key it will loosen all those muscles inside, or take 2 shots (me I prefer Hennessey).


“When being Fucked my Male Ego comes to Play”


At times I’ve come to seen peoples true character come into play, and I wonder was you always there for me or just here for the ride. Have you ever thought of something so devious to do with the opposite sex? Well after some time I wonder what would be the best rough to go about it. Yea you can rip, brake and destroy things but that all materialistic he can go out and buy new or just not give a fuck, but No see me I want to fuck up his whole life into extinction, make him wish he couldn’t go on no longer. “Sigh” are you following what I’m saying? Are you grasping where I’m going?! I take it that you don’t. I’m not talking about killing either. Here’s the details….. Here's where that office seductin comes into play...


In nothing but my apron on and 6in red bottoms, bent over a hot stove, pressing the Start Button on the Microwave. You seem to not be interested in the home cook meal for the asshole that’s being invited. He’s here, the night begins… fill his belly up with food and spiked wine. No matter how bad the fall out they can resist A) Naked Body B) Home cooked meal and C) Alcohol. He feels like he has the up hand lol for now. Make him feel like you lost it and need him, the seducing starts now. Take him to the bed room, make it know you want him to be relaxed and you want to treat him. The alcohol done ran its course so he’s oblivious to what you what it is you have in mind. He’s only thinking with his 2nd head. He’s down on the bed get kinky and pull out the handcuffs … at least I’m not looking to leave and actual mark…


Now here’s your chance …. Make sure your recording. Arrange it on film it’s to only be a private video. Then gag the bitch. Give him a nice massage and he’ll be nice and relaxed. Pull out that 14 inch Dildo and go ham in that ass. Violate that MF in the worse way till he pass out. Then have his ass thrown out on Front Street for the world to see. Ha ha haaa…. Just fantasy to literally fuck them like they fuck me. xoxo



“Linked with the Jordan of Porn”


If you have no idea of who that is… it’s that baby “Roxy Reynolds!” Spending the day with this bootylicious sensation and to shoot with her was like birthday and Christmas all rolled in one. To get the chance to rub all on her fat ass and pussy was heaven. I can imagine how many of you out there wish to be in my shoes that day. To go in on a scene with Roxy was awesome I won’t even go in depth of what’s to come. Keep up on her sites and


As for my scene a nice sloppy Blow Job scene with the Roxy on a nice fat dick… Mmmmm… Spitting and gagging is truly a video to see. Will release it in December so lay around for infamous Roxy Reynolds coming to This one is really for the Books.


“My Beach Reliever”


Ever go to the beach to wine down after a long day ofwork or mass thinking. I do when I can’t find the right one to take all my stress away. I seem to have a nick of saving others with my kiddy and get them on ease but I can never find that one that can end me like the salt cold but warm water at the beach does. The way it just thrashes over my skin. The way the waves lap up on my pussy as if somebody was liking it. The way the sand feels between my thighs as I rub and lay around while the water moves with the sway of my hips.


It not just any time of the day beach I’m talking, I’m talking late night after dark type shyt. Nobodies around type shyt. I can strip it all the way down to my Eve type shyt. I know there’s some people like me out at this time but very few and I know that their watching but I don’t care, I’ll but on a show after that shot of Henny, it’s not too much and it not to little but it get me in that mood to want to let it all hang out. Do I keep telling you or should I show you what I’m talking about…..


Humph… Sound like a video coming to the site soon stay tune.


“Everything Positive comes in 3s’”


Trying to wonder why this topic. Well for numerous reasons. There is so much I want to do and make a plan of attack on. Being it a photo shoot a trip and event or even a job I may be looking forward to taking on. A lot of time it never happens, fall through whatever the reason that made it redirect from your path. 10 out of 10 it wasn’t never meant for you. You may not know why at the moment but just know it wasn’t meant. Be Patient, Keep your head held high. There is much more in-store for you that will be well worth the lost.


Have you ever thought about having sex with someone you hardly even knew? Well, I won’t hide it, I have plenty of time with many men and women. Yes, I go both ways, but know a days what women doesn’t, LOL!? But even in my field of work I turn down “work” if it’s not even the least of what I expected it to but like I said 10 out of 10, I was misled on some straight up “BS”. Again when it comes down to SEX you wonder why you didn’t take the chance to fuck or dick down that other person. I believe that when something’s meant it will come in the forms of 3s’. Just like with me have you ever saw somebody in the store and said damn I want to jump on that but something inside told you, you’ll meet with that person again. Well let’s say it happens again and you meet doing something like getting gas you exchange words and nothing more than you run in for the 3rd time at a restaurant. People and relationships don’t cross over and over unless it’s something there.


Listening to a lot of Old School Cats and they put me up on game. I can honestly say it’s worked out, now don’t get it twisted. It doesn’t happen overnight or over a couple of weeks this kid of connection of 3s’ happens over years and when you least expect it. Trust I know, and instead if relations, I myself isn’t stable and being in a relationship bring kids, something I am not looking forward to no time soon. So I enjoy my come by 3s’, and watch and wonder who the next one is, LOL.


I got a little side track… but yes the same come with work, opportunities and your future. They say opportunities only knock once, they a Liar! The greats can tell you of all the opportunities they messed up or passed up because they didn’t feel it was for them but they learned it this or nothing at all. It’s just like baseball 3 strikes and you’re out.  So just be patient and pray better days are under way, don’t even try and wonder why now just know later it will all make sense!


"Me and My Naughty Thoughts to Share"


Left with my naughty thoughts all to myself. I think it's time to put them down. You know how much I think about sex?! At least 80% of my day is drowned in SEX, SEX THOUGHTS and WHOSE MY NEXT VICTIM even the most SINISTER OF SEX ACTS.


Have you had thoughts of being RAPED...? I have! The thought of somebody taking charge and leaving me vulnerable to what's in store or how their hands will take over on my air way... How long can I go without oxygen thru my body before I pass out?! These are the things I look forward too! The thrashing between walls with his chest forced up against mines. The hard kisses that will take place and where?!


Whoa.... How about how will he removed my clothing?! Will he use his hands and tug at my blouse, pop my blouse with a knife and... Hold on!!

I can't give no more... I have so much more to tell why not put it in a book?! How about some short EROTIC stories raw and edgy. Will get you off?! So the wait is over stories of my sexual thoughts and fantasies are better put in words than in a video depicting the detail on what's being felt. So get ready for "Barbz or Your Dreamz" Erotic Short Stories.




There are so many Instagram “Models” now a days that have a lot enthusiasm when they are trying to get published, especially 1st timers or even those that have been in the game for quite some time. A lot of you act like you’re all that and haven’t even been published anywhere. What more work to show but you keep your social site updated… It’s Not ENOUGH!! You’re actually OK on being a Hometown Celebrities or Social Network Stars. These are the type to down grade and put down something or someone if it’s not to their standards but yet you don’t see or hear of them outside of their comfort zone.

On the other hand there are the Real Models (Me) who will support you even AFTER being published and know “Loyalty brings Royalty”. They realize the key to success is to salute and recognize your “TEAM” no matter how big or small the roll they took part in, because these are the entities that made you, YOU!!


Here’s some game… A Real Models doesn’t jump to a “Greeting for a FREE SHOOT” she knows she has to invest her money (Make-up, Hair, Accessories, Wardrobe, Shoes, etc…). A Real Model will do her research on the photographer to see if his work is up to part his credentials are worth going out of her way for, but maybe he may not have gone far but if his pics are up to part again a REAL MODEL will already have the means of getting the photos and photographer published and Put-On, That what you call “NetWorking to your NetWorth”.


If you took any offense to my “Food for Thot” than you know you’re the IMPOSTER, a POSER that need to stop and turn down another lane. When it’s all said and done, if when social sites are over, "Then What, Then who will you have to put on for". Think of your “Future” rather than “Likes and Attention”.


"Website a Step to Independence"


I never knew the big deal of having your own website. After my pass two failed sites after giving people rights that I trusted to work on my site. I never really felt like it was mines, I never cared for either sites I just would do the bare minimal. My ideas out the window, updates came and went, waiting on them to do what I paid for them to do. I really at that time really wanted to give up on it all and just continue my normal foot work.  Yes I gave up, I got tried taken advantage of for being too nice. For what a bunch of people that took my work and money with them. But GOD don't like ugly is what I know so I continue to look the other way and keep it moving.


Did that that stop me ... as you can see my site is up and it all being run by me. Still thru a bit of a RUFF PATCH, still a little unsure on how this will go. I pretty knowledgeable on computers and graphics and what not. People don’t know, because I love cute and play a little off at times with my silliness but when it comes down to work, I'm all about it and on top of my game. So I'm pretty glad now’s the time I can start bringing everything to the table.


I've been working on few things so, my site isn't yet up to part but it will be soon and once it takes flight it’s a wrap. My website gave me so much independence that, at times I feel a bit over welled, because I wonder if I’m doing too much not enough, but as long as it moving and keep up with the updates, I should be fine. Nothing great is ever made over night and I know that and I’m glad because I want to get the INS an out and make the most of my site.

I come across many people who have businesses of their own and are pretty big that I see and told that I'm ahead of the game. Hearing that just makes me put so much more work into my site. When I ask people why don’t they make a sight for them it will be a lot easier to tell people to go for a one stop shop? They feel it’s not necessary, they not at that point. I don't get it but hey, I’m getting great reviews all over.


I personally wanted to make my site a "No Membership" site because I feel I have so much to offer other than my "Bedroom Manners" lol. They can come in browse around and pay for what they like and read my blogs and who else know what this site may bring. All I know this site will be big and will get me somewhere ... I don’t know where or how, but this face will be known "One Day"!

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